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April 11, 1935, Pages 1, 5

Circulate Petition
      Condemning Strike

            Petitions protesting the Anti-War Strike being circulated in various classes. The petitions read as follows: "We, the undersigned students of Brooklyn College, will not take part in the anti-war strike because its leadership is communistic, ain also because it is not a spontaneous demonstration of the students of the college but one that has been carefully organized and fostered by the most subversive elements of American life."

            Mr. David McKelvy White, faculty adviser of the Anti-War League, gave the following statement on the petitions:

            "A petition has been circulated by Mr. Holloway of the Speech department, together possibly with others, for signatures

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of students who disapprove of the strike on April 12 One co the reasons given for this disapproval is that "its (the strike's) leadership is Communistic." As faculty adviser of the Anti-War League which represents the Brooklyn College leadership, I must object to such a statement as libelous. I do not know who are behind this movement, and I can understand their not wishing to be known since the petition is a Fascist document. All over Europe and now in America it has been the policy of Fascism to brand any activity against Fascism as Communistic. The student strike is against War and Fascism."

       Mr. Holloway. instructor in the Speech department, refused to give any statement to a Spotlight reporter when he learned that she had not signed the petition. Mr. Holloway has asked students in his class to promise him not to go out on strike.



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