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Letter, April 11, 1935, Page 2

More On The Strike

To the editor:

            Although the Newman club has denied that it is circulating the petitions against the strike, the members of the Newman Club have in the main been the distributors of the petitions. They claim that their objection to the strike is only that it is led by Communists. It is interesting to note first that more than 4,000 Brooklyn College students will protest war in a strike led by all the student organizations and the Association of Instructors, Tutors and Fellows. It is ridiculous to call 4,000 Brooklyn College students Communists.

            Secondly, the Newman club uses the same argument that Hearst does to defeat any student action on vital issues. They conceal their opposition to anti-war anti activity by dragging the red herring across the broadest united action yet achieved in student history.

    Ben Gomberg
          Chairman Anti-War Strike



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