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Letter, April 17, 1935, Page 2



To the Editor:

       In reply to a letter which appeared in last week's Open Forum (a letter lacking in dignity), I should like to state that the Newman club did not sanction the petition protesting the Anti-War Strike, and took no part in its circulation. As a matter of fact, most Newman club members were unaware of its existence. In objecting to the strike, the Newman club was merely stating another vidwpoint on the method of fighting war; it was not setting up a movement counter to that of the strikerrs. To do so would be to insult the assumed intelligence of those participating in the movement. Also, the fact that the strike was led by Communists was not the sole objectiong put forth, as Miss Gomberg would have discovered had she read the letter carefully.

       Anaother letter commended the editorial which "answered" the Newman club letter. To my way of thinking the editorial was informative, but it was not an answer. The Newman club had not expressed any approval of Fascism, and it certainly understands the part Fascism plays in aiding war. Furhtermore, the fact that organizations other than the N.S.L. supported the Anti-War Strike makes no difference in the opinion formed by the Newman club.

       This letter is not meant as a challenge, but I hope it will clarify the situation for those who question the Newman club's attitude.

Sincerely yours,
       Anne Curtin


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