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Letter, April 17, 1935, Page 2


To the Editor:

            I should like to say a few words for the students in Brooklyn who, in conscience, could not support the Anti-War Strike. In the first place, they had good and sufficient reasons. They did not only object to the Communistic backing and attitude of the strike but also to the conduct of those strikers who for a week previous to the strike felt it their duty to berate the non-strikers for their beliefs. When we said we were not striking it was immediately asserted that we were for war. More illogical reasoning would be impossible to conceive of. We were told that we had no one who would he affected by a war and so did not care if others were "cannon fodder." The childish blabbering of these strikers would be amusing if their ignorance were not so great. They could not seem to realize that it was just as much a point of honor with its to attend classes as it was for the strikers to leave.

            Finally, when war is finally outlawed and peace is assured to all, it will be the students and people who believe as we do who have accomplished it. I suppose it would be too much to see this printed. But I will live in hope and soon find out how much "freedom of press" Spotlight has.

Edurtreg Narocroe
            U. F. I


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