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Letter, April 5, 1935, Page 2

Urges Strike

To the Editor:

            An editorial I read in this week.'s issue of Student Action, the newspaper of the Student League for Industrial Democracy, seemed to me to be very timely and interesting.

            The editorial, entitled, "Not Peace, But a Sword," spoke of war preparations having "reached a critical stage when politicians began to puff and pant piously about national honor, when diplomats begin to jockey for favorite positions on the free- from-all-responsibility list, and when the professional viewers-with-alarm talk nervously of ‘taking the profits out of war'." It briefly reviews the parts that England, Germany, the United States, Italy, France, Japan. and Poland are playing. Capitalists the world over are angling for foreign markets, spheres of influence, sources of raw materials and outlets for surplus population. This mad scramble will inevitably lead to war, from which only the "scramblers" will derive benefit and profit. The place of the student is with the anti-war movement. Strike April 12, 11 a.m. Refusal to organize in mass opposition against war is tantamount to support of war! Strike April 12!


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