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Editorial, April 5, 1935, Page 2


To the Editor:

            The Newman club has been asked many times to state its position in regard to the Anti-War Strike. At a meeting yesterday the motion war passed that the club's objections to the Anti-War Strike be publicized.

            The Newman club of the Women's division is definitely opposed to war, i.e. to all war, to class war and to religious war, as well as to imperialistic war. and is [sic] objects to fascism no more than it does to communism. It objects to the term "strike'' as a militant way of working for peace. It objects to a "strike" to be held during college time, thus breaking up the routine of school organization. when the strike might as well he held at any other time. Since the policies of the movement are definitely those of the National Students' League. and since the Newman club is not in sympathy with that group, and in fact is strongly opposed to it, it can not support the Anti-War movement.

            These are some of the objections sustained by the Newman club, and may they answer the accusations directed against the Newman club's stand on the Anti-War Strike.

            May I add that a recent statement of Pope Pius XI published Monday, April I, in all newspapers, is proof that we, as Catholics, realize the significance of war, the dangers imminent, and the need of preventing it. We realize it is our duty to pray and work, in a peaceful way, for peace.

Anne Curtin            
           President of Newman Club


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