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April 5, 1935, Page 3

Permanent Tenure
For College Staff
Proposed at Albany

Dr. Colligan Sponsors Measure
    In State Legislature
        Meets Opposition

            Dr. Eugene A. Colligan, president of Hunter College, is sponsoring the introduction of a measure in the Legislature at Albany to make teaching positions on city college staffs permanent, according to an article appearing in the World-Telegram recently.

            The measure, introduced by Senator Feld and Assemblyman McGrath, and known as the Colligan Bill, would apply the appointment and tenure provisions of the education law governing the Board of Education, to the Board of Higher Education.

            Although the Bill has received no open opposition at Albany. several members of the college staffs disapprove of it as a violation of civil service principles. They specify one clause in the bill which does not require appointments from eligible lists or by competitive examinations. All appointments will be made on the recommendation of the college presidents without any merit requirements.

            Critics of the bill point out that this would enable a college president to give permanent positions to political favorites, and would result in a staff of incompetent teachers, removable only by trial.

            Abraham Letkowitz, legislative representative of the Teachers' Union, stated that he approved the principle but considered the bill too broad. "I am in full sympathy with the desire to give tenure rights to the teachers in the colleges," said Dr. Lefkowitz, "provided a system of merit appointment is set up. I believe the bill will pass."

            Dean Morton A. Gottschall of City College said that he believed in the establishment of tenure for college teachers, but said that, "Holding examinations and eligible lists and all that paraphernalia for the appointment of one man would be altogether cumbersome"


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