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April 12, 1934, Pages 1, 3

To Stage Anti-War Protest
During Third Hour Tomorrow

Students are to Leave
Class at 11:02 and
March to L.I.U.

          Final plans for tomorrow's Anti-War dcmonst ration were formulated yesterday. Postal cards have been mailed to all teachers and students informing them of the walkout tomorrow. Leaflets will be distributed today and tomorrow morning containing specific instructions for participation in the demonstration.

          Students are directed to attend their third-hour classes. A student will be assigned to address the instructor and stuildents in each room, urging them to show their opposition to war by following him out of class.

          The students and teachers will leave their classes two minutes after the eleven o'clock hell rings, and leave the building by means of the down staircase. The demonstrators will congregate in front of the building where a student building-leaders will supervise the formation of ranks. They will head the procession to the Long Island University Campus, Tillary and Adams Streets.

          Teachers and students from the Lawrence and Willoughby Buildings will proceed to Pearl Street, turn right and join the contingent from the Pearl Building. The group will then proceed to Myrtle Avenue, turning left at Adams Street and thence to Tillary Street.

          Teaher and students from Court Building are to proceed down Court Street, meeting the group from the Joralemon building at Joralemon and Court Streets. They will continue along Court Street to Joralemon and Tillary Streets, then right at Adams Street.

          After the addresses at the Long Island University Campus are concluded, the twin group will return by way of Pearl Street to Willoughby Street, where it will disband.

          Students are urged to return promptly since the program of the demonstration has been arranged no that they may return in time for the fourth hour recitations.

          Students who have no classes scheduled for the third hour on Friday will join the processions at the entrance to any one of the five College Buildings. The walkout will be held rain or shine. Student leaders have been assigned to each College Building. Helen Friedland will lead the Court Building; Sylvia Wener, Willoughby; Mildred Solomon, Joralemon; Mildred Pollack, Pearl; and Esther Dimond. Lawrence.

          The floor leaders are: Ruth Katz, Jean Award. Lucille Unger, Leah Teller, Mollie Shreiber, Anne Russo, Leonora Koslan, Harriet Kreiger, Selma Mushkin, Paula Lance. Beatrice Goldin, Roslyn Satenspiel, Adele Tobin, Marion Silverman, Florence Marans, Blanche Yurman, Eunice Kowalsky.

          Assignments made at the Men's division for leaders of each building include Harold Draper, Court; Henry Aron, Willoughby; A, Koehn,.Joralemon; Abe Weiss, Pearl; and Joe Cohen, Lawrence.


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