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April 20, 1934, Page 3


            Six students of Brooklyn College are represented on a solutions committee elected last Friday by the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Association, which held a conference against war of the N. Y. U. School of Education. These students are Beatrice Gomberg, Pearl Greenberg, and Sara Pitchersky of the Womens' division; Henry Aron, Joseph Cohen, and Daniel Wolfert of the Mens' division.

            The conference, at which nine New York colleges were represented, recognized the necessity for student action and the importance of a city-wide convention to represent the anti-war sentiment of the major collegiate institutions. Max Cutler, president of the M. I. A. was chairman of the first cession of the conference.

            Rev. Herbert Evans representing the religious viewpoint, stated that hate is the cause of war, and that war begins with racial discrimination. This opinion was strongly criticised by Theodore Draper, Communist student.


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