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April 27, 1934, Page 1


Student Councils of Women's
    And Men's Divisions To
        Direct Drive

            The faculty and students of Brooklyn College are raising $250 to support one student emigrant from Germany for one year, it was announced at the Freshman Chapel last Wednesday. Professor John Whyte of the German Department made an appeal for aid for one of the 1500 German students who for racial, religious, or political reasons has left Germany.,

            The International Student Service, which in the years since the war has raised and administered over two million dollars for the relief of needy students in Central and European Europe, has been charged by James MacDonald, the High Commissioner for refugees, with providing for these students. The International Student Service is now appealing to American Colleges and Universities to do their share.

            Plans arc being formulated for an informal dance on a Friday evening at the end of May, the proceeds of which are to be devoted to the fund. The drive for collections will continue until May 10. All students who are interested are urged to organize stunts and parties to raise funds. Mr. Samuel Katz, assistant bursar, will be in charge of faculty contributions. The drive among the student body will be carried on under the direction of the Student Councils.


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