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December 14, 1933, Pages 1, 4


Joins College in Peace Movement:
    To Teach Students Of War Dangers

College Anti-War Conference Is Scheduled for Next

          Mr. Bernard D. N. Grehanier of the English department, Dr. Howard Selsam of the Philosophy department and Theodore Fagin, a student at New York University, were the principal speakers at a mass meeting called by the Arrangements Committee of the Student Anti-War Conference last Friday.

          "War," said Mr. Grebanier, "does not have to be. Our life is the sum of the opinions of the day. I am convinced that what you are about to do is of the utmost importance. We must have unanimous opinion and unmitigated efforts. A beginning must be made and public opinion must be awakened."

          Dr. Selsam gave a spirited talk, backing his arguments with statistics on the role of the munitions manufacturer in war. "It seems," Dr. Selsam said, "that the only industry that did not suffer from the depression was that of ammunitions. It cost approximately $21,000 to kill every soldier during the last war. Half of this money went, toward the profits of the munitions manufacturers. These firms are internationally organized for mutual advantage." He gave as examples the sewing machine firms and cutlery manufacturers who turned to the ammunition industry at the outbreak of war because it was profitable. These companies controlled international trade and money relations, as well as the press.

          The last speaker, Theodore Fagin, gave a resume of the activities and accomplishments of the N.Y.U. Anti-War Conference.

          The purpose of the meeting was to publicize the Brooklyn College Anti-War Conference. Henry Aron, chairman of the arrangements committee, outlined the purpose and program of the convention. Friday evening, at 7:30, December 22, there will be a message by President William A Boylan, then a symposium on war given by representatives of the different political organizations in the city. Following that, a resolutions committee will be elected.

          The session on Saturday, December 23, from 9:30 to 12 a.m. will concern itself with:

          1. Three short addresses by: Professor Turner of Brooklyn College, Professor Burnham of N.Y.U. and Professor Cutler of Columbia.

          2. The delegates will then be divided into four groups: a. Education and War–Faculty chairman, Professor Joseph George Cohen of the Education department–student leader Joseph Cohen; b. International relations in War–Faculty chairman, Mr. Morais of the History department–student leader, undecided; c. Fascism and War–Faculty chairman Dr. Harry Slochower, of the German department–student leader, Harold Draper; d. Labor and War–Faculty chairman–Dr. Theresa Wolfson of the Economics department–student leader Theodore Draper.

          Saturday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 o'clock continued discussion in the seminar groups will be held Saturday evening from 6:30 to 10:30 o'clock. The conference will then discuss and adopt or reject the resolutions.

          Every club, sorority, fraternity, and other school organization is entitled to send representatives. Others desiring to attend must have twenty signatures on a credentials form, which will be distributed in. 6QC.

          Another mass meeting will be held tomorrow in 84C, at one o'clock. Faculty members and students will speak.


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