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Editorial, December 14, 1933, Page 2



          The horrible aspect of civilized men slaughtering each other is universally revolting. The futility of substituting annihilation of mankind for arbitration of international problems is deplored by all thinking people. Popular opinion today, like popular opinion in any other time of peace, is opposed to war.

          The problem today is to organize and educate the people to be constant in their antagonism to war in times of stress, to refuse to sacrifice their lives to settle the petty wranglings of industrial magnates, to be steadfast even when confronted with catchy slogans, natty uniforms and stirring martial music.

          We maintain that NO war is justifiable. Wholesale sacrifice of lives, whatever the cause, can never be justified. It is time for the thinking student to consider war as a sociological and subjective catastrophe rather than as. an opportunity to display loyalty to the nation.

          A conference against war, such as will be held in this college next week is a particularly timely event in a season when "peace on earth and good will to men" should be in the minds of all.

          Support this conference! Make the world safe for peace!


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