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Letter, December 14, 1933, Page

To the Editor:

            The letter of the Newman Club to the Open Forum column stating its reasons for withdrawing from the Arrangements Committee for the Brooklyn College Anti-War Conference gives rise to certain misconceptions about the Conference which, I am, sure, you will allow us to clarify.

            The Newman Club states "this problem (the Conference) is somewhat outside its field." This is not true. The members of the Newman Club, as well as all other students, will suffer from the next war and it is therefore the province of all students who are not anxious to be turned into cannon fodder to participate in the Conference.

            Secondly, the letter states that "without the safeguard of mature preparation and evidence, the Conference can be only of doubtful value." This is a condemnation of a conference that has not yet taken place and it indicates a lack of sincere anti-war sentiments. Of course the benefits to be obtained from the conference cannot be determined beforehand, but this does not mean that it will be a certain failure as the attitude of the letter implies. It means, simply, that the value of the Conference will be in direct ratio to the sincerity and cooperation which the students of the College give it.

            The Newman Club further states "the time might be better spent in further study and research work." This is exactly what the Conference is for; it will consist of two days of study of the relation of students to war and what they can do to avoid war. Recent similar Conferences at N.Y.U. and Columbia are proof of the fact that an anti-war conference is one of the best mediums for stimulating study and research.

            May I add that not only the Newman 'Club, but every other club, sorority and fraternity, and class also, is urged to send a delegate to the Brooklyn College Anti-War Conference, December 22 and 23.

Chntn. Chmn, Confr. Arr. Com.


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