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Letter, December 14, 1934, Page 1

Electric Chair Languishes Pending Action

            The spectacular five-foot plaster board electric chair which was set up Friday in Student Council room, to be covered with signatures petitioning the release of the Scottsboro boys, has been exiled to a dreary storage closet on the fourth floor, climaxing an eventful five-clay career.

            The chair is collapsible, and was to have been compactly packed and expressed to Washington D. C., addressed to President Roosevelt. Although the chair acquired only about one hundred John Hancock.s to date, it was ordered banished to obscurity pending action by the student and faculty authorities of the College. The chair had been set up with the approval of Ruth Lopatkin, chairman of the Publicity committee of Student Council. After investigation, it was declared out of jurisdiction of this committee. It was further decided that the approval of the Student Council assembly was required.

            Proper procedure was outlined in Dean Bildersee's office Wednesday, and, according to Clara Coleman, president of the Negro Study Forum, which is sponsoring the chair project, will be followed without delay.

            At the meeting of Student Council this afternoon, the proposal of the Negro Study Forum to set up the electric chair in Council room will be put to a vote. If a majority favor the action, the motion, incorporated into the minutes of the College legislature, will be taken up by the Faculty committee of Student Affairs. If and when it passes this committee, the chair will be returned to the lounge and the autographing of it will proceed--this time with due process of law.


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