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December 15, 1932, Page 3



          Pursuant to the ideals promulgated at tthe Anti-war Congress in New Amsterdam, at which such world figures as Romain Rolland, Henry Barbusse, Upton Sinclair, and Professor Albert Einstein registered their united protest against the threat of impending war, the delegates of the student bodies from colleges and universities in all parts of the United States will form a Congress to publicize student opinion.

          The Student Anti-war Congress will meet in Chicago on December 28 and 29. Its actions, its policies, its effect vitally concern college students and a representation from Brooklyn College is essential.

          Any group of fifteen or more organized students may send one delegate to the conference. Any student who can pay his own way is urged to inform the Brooklyn College Committee. This committee, headed by Isadore Kwatt. Isadore Goldman, Dotty Sapen and Sylvia Nagler, is raising funds for delegates to the Anti-war Congress.

          Contributions can he given to Miriam Lesser, Elizabeth Goldstein, Lillian Spevack, Sara Pitchersky, Beatrice Shishko, Tillie Fogelbaum, Gertrude Itzkowitz, and other authorized members of the Brooklyn College unit of the National Student Anti-war Committee.



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