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Editorial, December 20, 1935, Page 2


            Of recent years, students have clamored for the formation of an active student organization to concern itself primarily with vital student issues. It is essential that such an organization be non-political, since the political attachments and affiliations of the S.L.ID. and the N.S.L., either real or imaginary, have not been considered in harmony with student interests by the majority of the student body.

            It is essential that such a student union concern itself with the safeguarding of academic freedom and civil liberties, the maintenance of determined and powerful peace and anti-fascist movements, the extension of educational opportunities, and the opposition to retrenchment in school development.

            It is also necessary for a branch of this union to be present on every campus, so that specific local problems can be dealt with. Only then will student affairs be managed in an organized and concerted manner, for only then will facilities have been created for correlating local activities on a national scale.

            A conference is being held at Columbus, Ohio, on December 28 and 29, for the purpose of forming an American Student Union which will meet with the necessary qualifications. Delegates from student councils and newspapers, religious societies and liberal clubs, fraternities, and sororities throughout the country are going to lay the foundation for a united student movement.

            It is up to us to support the American Student Union, and to build a Union that will represent active student opinion with no political bias.


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