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Letter, December 21, 1934, Page 3


"If France Becomes Fascist,
      Europe Follows Suit,"
            Says Dr. Lore

            "If France, with its democratic tendencies and democratic traditions, becomes Fascist, then entire Europe will go Fascist," declared Dr. Ludwig Lore, of the Newi York Evening Post at Wednesday's meeting of the Current Problems Club in 22P.

            "it is my opinion that an honestly united front by the workers will beat down Fascism," he said. But, in addition to the united front, there must also be a certain kind of organic unity, he continued.

            France is the first country to have a united front between Socialists and Communists. The Socialists understood that only a united working class could fight the fascist tendency with a certain chance of success.

            The Fascists in France, continued the speaker, demand nationalist control of the country, with imperialist endeavors, It is the French industrialists who financially support the fascist movements of France.

            In one or two more years, we may see a fundamental change in French politics, and if we overcome the fascist tendency with a united front movement, it will pave the way to a greater victory concluded Dr. Lore.


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