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 December 2, 1932, Page 1

Large Student Group Hears Scott Nearing

          Dr. Scott Nearing, representing the National Committee for the Student Congress Against War, addressed more than two hundred Brooklyn College students in the Parish House on Montague Street at noon Wednesday.

          Declaring that under the present economic system practically all expansion is brought about by means of armed .force, the speaker attested to the fact that peace rather than war has been the historic exception to the rule. Since the War of 1914, the war to end war, there has been an era of continual warfare and intense partial paration [sic], resulting in vast financial outlay as well as potential destructivity, he added.

          As the five types of war likely to occur in the next few years, Dr. Nearing cited colonial, inter-imperial, and civil wars, wars such as labor strikes and open class armed resistance of workers, and a wall against the Soviet Union, the champion of disarmament. and a warless world. The aims of the Congress are to wipe out the underlying causes of war, not by legislation, nor treaty provisions, but by changing the organization of society, to elimination of society, to eliminate cleavages between classes, cities and countries. The purpose of the meeting, he said, is to explain the movement, to send delegates to the Congress on December 28 at Chicago, and to build a permanent movement to eliminate war.

<>           Theodore Draper, President of the Social Science Club, appealed for financial and moral support of the movement. A committee of 25 to publicize the organization was formed, under the direction of Emanuel Gellman, chairman of the meeting. Irving Goldman was elected as the delegate to be sent at the expense of the group, with Lottia Levine as alternate. Six other students declared their intention to attend the Congress at their own expense.

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