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December 6, 1935, Page ?

Council Approves
Convention of ASU

Conference Called To Formulate
Platform For American
Student Union

            Student Council endorsed the convention called by the American Student Union for the formulation of a "definite liberal program," at its meeting, Wednesday. The conference, to take place in Columbus, Ohio, on December 28 and 29, will be at tended by delegates from school, religious and fraternal organizations in order that the platform adopted may be based on the opinions of a representative group. The approval of the convention does not presuppose Council's affiliation with the ASU.

            Because of lack of time, the appointment of delegates was postponed.

            A motion calling a rally of NYA workers and applicants to discuss NYA problems and the possibility of securing student membership on the proposed NYA board was passed by Council. Their activities would be to plan projects; and investigate complaints and applications.


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