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December 6, 1935, Pages 1, 4

College Editors
      Stress Liberalism

Value of Free Collegiate Press
      Emphasized By J. D. Stern
            At Three Day Conference

            The growing spirit of liberalism on the American campus and the need for more editorial discussion of present-day social and political problems were stressed by speakers at the three day conference of college editors held during the Thanksgiving week-end under the auspices of the National Student Federation.

            Francis G. Smith, former editor of the Daily Princetonia and president of the Association of College Editors, addressing the editors on November 29, urged them to emphasize liberal and radical campus opinion rather than conservative opinion. Discussing the chance in the undergraduate outlook dining the last few years, he stated that "certain college newspapers have exerted a vital force on campus opinion through intelligent comment.

      Columbia Spectator and author of Revolt on the Campus [sic] cited attacks by certain, newspaper and patriotic societies on liberal students as the "first. indication of approaching fascism."

            At the second session of the conference Mr. J. David Stern, publisher of the York Post emphasized the necessity of upholding freedom of the press in the academic and other fields, calling administrators who interfered with a college newspaper "unAmerican."

            The editors were also addressed by Miss Ruth McKenney, secretary of the New York Newspaper Guild.

            The editors present voiced opposition to

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