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December 6, 1935, Page3

To Send Resolution
To AAU Requesting
Olympics Boycott

Anti-War League, Current Prob-
      lems, Social Science Clubs
            To Send Telegrams

            In protest against holding the 1936 Olympic games in Germany, the Anti-War League, Current Problems club and Social Science club at a mass meeting Wednesday, decided to send a telegram to the Amateur Athletic Union Conference, requesting that American teams should not be sent to the Berlin Olympics. The Women's Student Council also wired a protest.

            Lou Oshins, Faculty Manager of Athletics, spoke on existing conditions in Germany, declaring "I defy any Nazi to show where Jews get the necessary facilities for athletic training."

            Praising the work of the Committee on Fair Play and Sports, Kurt Lore, co-editor of Pioneer, quoted from a pamphlet issued by that committee, which presented the German attitude on the Olympics. Mr. Lore declared that the statement, "For the Nazi, politics belong in sports," which was taken from a speech made by Bruno Malitz, sports leader of the Storm Troops, is sufficient answer to the question, "are politics eliminated from the Nazi athletic policy?"

            The fascist conception of the Olympic games is illustrated by the statement, "We, in the Nazi State consider the Olympics, due to international propaganda reasons, as necessary," concluded Mr. Lore.

            Isidore Schiffenbauer, chairman of the rally, summed up the question by declaring "People realize you can't reconcile fascism with any of the true values of life, particularly with freedom in sports."


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