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December 6, 1935, Page 3

Mr, Donovan Praises
Oaths For Teachers;
Attacks NSL As Red

Dr. Lefkowitz and Roger Bald-
      win At Social Studies Council
            Attack Loyalty Oaths

            Sponsors of loyalty oaths and other instruments affecting academic freedom were both denounced and defended at the closing session of the National Council for the Social Studies in the Hotel Pennsylvania.

            Following an attack by Dr. Abraham Lefkowitz, chairman of the Teachers Guild on Charles R. Walgreen, drug store owner, and William Randolph Hearst, as leading advocates of the loyalty oaths, Herbert D. A. Donovan of James Madison High School asked why Mr. Hearst and the American Legion were not represented.

            "I am perfectly willing to concede that property has had considerable influence on school boards, but I. am not willing to concede that it is not entitled to that representation," he said.

            When Roger N. Baldwin, director of the American Civil Liberties Union, minimized the influence of communism in the United States, Mr. Donovan retorted:

            "There is a Red menace. I think offhand of the National Student League. Its members are in many classrooms, principally to create disturbances. They recite speeches they couldn't have possibly written themselves."

            He then charged that the National Student League is being supported by the Communist party. This assertion brought an immediate denial from Mr. Baldwin, who also stressed the need for organization of the teaching profession "to meet pressure groups."


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