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December 6, 1935, Page 4

High School Pupils
Issue Book On War

            "The Student Looks at War," a handbook intended as a source of information for boys and girls of high school age has been issued by a group of fifteen and sixteen year old students of the Fieldston School, high school unit of the Ethical Culture Schools.

            The book summarizes various programs and institutions designed to promote world peace, including the League of Nations and the World Court, preparedness, disarmament, economic isolation, curbing of war profits, international planning and war resistance.

            Urging boys and girls to consider seriously the war problem the Fieldston students advise them to decide "whether they want to crow up to be useful citizens or cannon fodder."

            The book also diagnoses the moral, economic and social effects on war and its "major and basic causes."

            The preliminary edition of 500 copies in mimeograph form was written and illustrated entirely by the students. The linoleum block illustration on the cover represents a schoolboy in knickers with a book and globe behind him, using a large pen as a sword in a duel with Marx.


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