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Letter, December 7, 1934, Page 2


  To Send Spectacular Petition To President Roosevelt

            The Negro Study Forum is calling a Scottsboro-Herndon Defense Week from December 10 to 14, in support of the International Labor Defense and the Scottsboro-Herndon action committee. A two months stay has been granted to Heywood Patterson and Clarence Norris, who were to be electrocuted to-night.

            The club will hold a Scottsboro Mass Rally Wednesday from 12 to 2 o'clock in 207J. Richard B. Moore of the International Labor Defense and members of the faculty will speak. A petition in the form of a three-dimensional cardboard electric chair will be in Council room, 6QC, during the week. Instructors and students are urged to sign it. At the end of the week, it will be sent to President Roosevelt.


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