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February 14 1936, Pages 1, 3

Council To Arrange
Meeting Wednesday
For Student Union

Council Elects Delegates To At-
tend Convention Of American
Youth Congress

            Student Council voted to organize a mass meeting to be held Wednesday under the auspices of both Student Councils for the purpose of establishing a Brooklyn College chapter of the American Student Union, at its meeting Monday.

            Brooklyn College, according to Myra Levine, treasurer of Student Council, is one of the few institutions in the city in which a chapter of the union has not been formed to date. A committee consisting of Adele Meshirer, president of the Athletic Association, Louise Brown, Council representative from the upper junior class and Alice Fisher, president of the upper junior class, was chosen to prepare a leaflet explaining the policies of the A.S.U.

            At the mass meeting reports on the convention will be given by the Sponsoring committee, consisting of the college delegates to the national convention of the A.S.U. A provisional committee to supervise the organization of the college chapter will be elected.

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The chief points on the agenda are:

1. The establishment of a Brooklyn College chapter.
2. The opening of a membership drive which will include every group in the school.
3. The securing of recognition of the college chapter by the administration.
4. The creation and submission of the constitution to the national chapter.
5. The establishment of a local advisory board of prominent men in the fields of law, education, civics and religion to lend prestige to the college chapter.
6. The extension of the membership drive to all clubs, urging them to affiliate with the union.
7. The popularization of the A.S.U. throughout the school by setting up information booths where students will be able to get membership cards and obtain information concerning the program and work of the chapters.
8. The enrollment of all students agreeing to one or more of the planks.
            According to Cora Schleider, vice-president of Student Council, “the final draft of the program of the A.S.U. is such that every liberal-minded student can support !its major section." The primary aims of the American Student Union are free education and adequate student relief, employment and security, as well as academic freedom, and opposition to war, fascism and the discrimination against racial or religious minorities.

            As a member of the American Youth Congress, Student Council voted an appropriation of fifteen dollars as financial aid to the oganization. Ruth Finkelstein, assistant treasurer of council, and Louise Brown will represent council at the district convention of the Youth Congress.

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