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February 15, 1935, Pages 1, 5


            Urging students who must buy texts or syllabi for their courses to sign petitions addressed to President William A. Boylan asking him to submit a request to the Board of Higher Education for appropriations for books the National Student League, an unchartcred campus organization, is continuing its campaign for free text books. The petitions read: "We, students of class , petition the President of Brooklyn College to submit a request for an appropriation for number of copies of books."

            The signed petitions will be presented to President Boylan by representatives of the various classes. Those classes which have already signed are Education 42, Economics 2 and 2A, History 10E, English 3S, 3XX and 3FF and Mathematics 33B.

            The National Student League has been circulating handbills saying "Free colleges mean free books." Their action is a result of the resolution adopted a year ago by the Board of Higher Education rescinding the $35,000 appropriation for college textbooks, and stating that, as an economy measure no more free books will be given to college students.

            Jacob Gould, Sylvia Wener, Helen Margolies, and Shirley Presberg, representing the English 38.2, 3XX and 3FF, Economics 2X and 2A, Mathematics 33B, Education 42C, and History 10F, class compose the committee which will visit President Boylan Wednesday.


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