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February 21, 1935, Page 1


N.Y.C. College Student Councils,
    Editors To Participate
      In Protest Meeting

        In order to combat the suppressive Nunan bill, all New York City College Student Councils and editors will participate in a meeting called by the State Committee Against the Nunan Loyalty a Oath Bill. This committee represents the National Student League for Industrial Democracy and The National Student League.

      "The Senate Education Committee has, without a hearing, reported on the Nunan Student Loyalty Oath favorably. If the students do not prepare to combat such powerful forces as the Hearst press, the D.A.R., and the American Legion; the Nunan Bill will be passed with little opposition," stated Joseph Cadden, secretary for the State Committee.

        Mr. Cadden continued by saying, "In order to defeat this Bill designed to suppress all minority belief in New York colleges, every student in the State must demand that the Education Committee of the Assembly hold a public hearing allowing protest of citizens opposed to the Bill."

        The following are excerpts from a letter received from Joseph Cadden in regard to the Bill:

        "While the wording of the Bill simply calls for an oath of allegiance to the State and Federal Constitutions it is interpreted by State Senator Nolan as an instrument to . . .

Note: This article is continued on page 4; unfortunately, page 4 was not microfilmed.


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