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Editorial, February 21, 1935, Page 2

The Nunan Menace

            It is the duty of every student and teacher in the colleges of New York State to oppose the passage of the Nunan Loyalty Oath bill.

            The bill has been submitted to the legislature at Albany in the guise of a patriotic measure, calling for oaths of allegiance to the State and Federal Constitutions.

            It is obvious, however, that the passage and enforcement of the Bill would exclude radical students from the colleges, suppress all minority opinion on questions of political and social import–in short destroy academic freedom.

            Representing fifty thousand students in this state alone, three student organizations have banded 'together as the State Student Committee against the Nunan Loyalty Oath Bill.

            The committee urges the formation of a subgroup in every college to help fight the bill by communicating with local legislators, calling protest meetings, and electing a delegate to represent the college at Albany when the Bill is heard. The Nunan Bill has the support not only of Legislators Nunan and Devany, but also of The American Legion, Hamilton Fish, Daughters of the American Revolution and the Hearst newspapers. Yet a well organized opposition on the part of all the students. and teachers in this state will defeat the Bill.

            The Ives Bill has intimidated our teachers. We must not allow the Nunan Bill to chain us.


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