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February 21, 1936, Page 1

            On January 21 of 1927 the first. issue of Spotlight was published by the Brooklyn Annex of Hunter College. Today, more than nine years later, the Women's division of Brooklyn College issues the final number.

            When first published by the Hunter College Annex the publication was a four-page, three-column paper of magazine size. At the creation of Brooklyn College as a separate institution, however, it adopted its present. format, enlarging to six pages one year ago, during the editorship of Ruth Fisch.

            Voicing a farewell to the paper whose faculty adviser he has been for years, Mr. Francis P. Kilcoyne writes:

My dear Miss Schwalberg,

            To those who have been associated with the publishing at Spotlight the assignment of contributing to a final issue comes not as an ordinary request. It is not an easy matter to witness the paper being "put to bed" for the last time. If one may speak out of personal experience–and be pardoned–it may be said that Spotlight leaves a record of better college journalism as its history. In the years of its service as the newspaper, first of Hunter-in-Brooklyn, and then of the Women's Division of our College, it has chosen neither extreme in fulfilling its office. Rather has it attempted without fanfare or trumpet, to record and reflect, with fairness and impartiality, the events and opinions of the student body. To have carried out an assignment with justice to all concerned is an achievement. To have attempted it, with a fair measure of success, is a worthy record. To that record.

             To you the Editor, to the members of your staff as well as to all predecessors is credit due for the loyalty you have manifested in striving to maintain a high standard.

            May I extend my sincere wishes for the success of the new publication–and as for Spotty, Happy Memories!

                                      Cordially                            ,
                                                Francis P. Kilcoyne          
                                                            Faculty Adviser


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