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February 21, 1936, Page 1

Convention Called
By Student Union

            A city-wide convention of the American Student union will be held on March 14 for the purpose of establishing. city leadership and discussing district problems, according to George Watt, executive secretary. The conference will also plan the anti-war strike, which will take place on April 22. The date has been changed from last year's April 12 because it conflicts with vacations. It is probable that the entire strike will be conducted by the A.S.U.

            March 30, International Youth Day, marks A.S.U. day, when the strength of the union will he demonstrated on a nation-wide scale. In New York City it is planned to hold a parade culminating in an open-air meeting at which Senators Nye and Kvale will be invited to speak. On out-of-town campuses mass meetings will be held for the purpose of discussing current problems, with stress on the Nye and Kvale bill against compulsory ROTC. Colleges that areon Spring vacation will hold the "day of strength" earlier.

            The Student Advocate, newly-established American Student Union magazine, sold out. its initial January issue. Fifteen thousand copies were sold and four thousand more have been ordered.


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