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February 21, 1936, Page 5

Student Union
Calls Meeting
For Wednesday

Student Councils Sponsor Meet-
      ing In Joralemon Gym To
            Form Brooklyn Chapter

            The first meeting to organize the Brooklyn College chapter of the American Student Union has been set for Wednesday, 12:15 p.m., in 401J. the Joralemon gymnasium.

            Reports by the College delegates to the first national convention of the American Student Union will form the major part of the program. The remainder of the rally will be devoted to the election of a Provisional committee, which will serve as an executive body until a permanent organization is created.

            The duties of the American Student Union will be discussed be Marjorie Sprake. member of the National Executive committee. Cora Schleider, vice-president of the Women's Student Council, will describe the leading figures at the convention. The platform of the Union will be explained by Frances Rosen. Eli Jaffe and Allen Loeb will discuss the proposed Brooklyn College chapter.

            The chief task of the Provisional committee will be to draw tin a constitution for the proposed group and present it to Student Council and the Faculty committee on Student Affairs. lf the ratification of the organization is approved. the American Student Union will become a legal campus organization.


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