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February 23, 1934, Pages 1, 4



Plan Mass Meeting, Strike And Demonstration For Week of April 6 - 13

          Joseph Starobin, representative of the student section of the American League Against War and Fascism, appealed for a united front against war to over 200 students at the Social Science Club meeting on Wednesday. The meeting was called by the Social Science Club for the Anti-War Committee which has no legal status as yet. Dorothy Sapan, president of the Club, introduced the speakers. Beatrice Gomberg, chairman of the Anti-War Committee, is formulating plans for a National Student Anti-War Week.

          During the week of April 6 to 13, a student city-wide mass meeting, an outdoor demonstration and a nation-wide strike on Friday, April 13 for one hour, will be held. The purpose of the strike is to inform the War Department that there is a militant student movement opposed to war. The details of the strike will be worked out by the Anti-War Committee.

          Mr Starobin pictured graphically what the new war would mean to college students. He urged the students to make clear to others the grave war dangers that surround us and to arouse the passive element which is not concerned with the "burning questions of the day."

         "It is a fight for civilization, a fight against the sort of thing that happened in Austria," said Mr. Starobin, pointing to the uprisings in Vienna and the destruction of property as a symbol of what war does.

          Mr. Starobin concluded with a call to the students present "to frighten the war makers and unite the masses of the United States in a single front against war."

          Dr, Isidore Kayfetz spoke next in place of Dr. Frederick Ewen, who was unexpectedly delayed. "I endorse heartily every word of the previous speaker," Dr. Kayfetz began. He added several suggestions for an effective anti-war fight. Boycott of pro-war movies and plays, and education of children against war were cited as the work of the family in anti-war movements.. The main point which Dr. Kayfetz wished to stress was the necessity of a united struggle against war, to draw the indifferent student into the movement.

            .Professor Thomas E. Coultan, who also spoke extemporanteouly, further encouraged an active student movement.

            The meeting was closed by discussion of the April 13 strike and resolutions supporting National Student Anti-War Week.

            Resolutions were passed to support the American League against War and Fascism, and to oppose the R.O.T.C. or any other form of military propaganda in the schools.

            The Anti-War Committee, which has been operating under the auspices of the Social Science Club, plans to apply for a faculty adviser and to draw up a charter and constitution.


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