Brooklyn College

February 7, 1936, Pages 1, 5


Marjorie Sprake Has "Great
      Expectations" For The
            College Chapter


Bill To Investigate Radical
      Activities In Schools
            Fought By. A.S. U.

            A mass meeting to publicize the program of the American Student Union and to formulate plans for a Brooklyn College chapter will be called by the Student Cuuncil of both. divisions in the near future.

            Discussing the progress being made by the A.S.U, Marjorie Sprake, Student Council delegate to the convention and member of the National Executive committe, stated than she has "great expectations for the development of a large and. powerful chapter at. Brooklyn College." She pointed out that. the support being given to the A.S.U. at Vassar, Cornell, Columbia.. and other New York. colleges is significant in determining the future of the organization.

            At the meeting, which has. been tentatively set for Wednesday, February 19, an Executive Board which wiil be representative of a large sector of the. student. body will be elected, as well as a smaller Executive committee. These students will approach President Boylan to gain official :recognition of the chapter. If .any of the three city colleges finds difficulty in gaining recognition :from its administration, they will embark on. a joint campaign to obtain it from the Board. of Higher Education, according to George Watt, New York District Executive Secretary.

            "The opening gun of the reactionaries to fight our union," said George Watt,

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"has fired in the State Senate in the form of the McNaboe bill which is aimed directly at the American Student Union." The bill provides for a legislative investigative investigation of "subversive" activities in schools and colleges. It proposes that a committee of three Senator and three Assemblymen be empowered to spend $150,000 to study radical actions in the New York school system. The American Student Union is especially cited as an organization working "for the overthrow of the United States Government and the establishment of a Soviet America with Moscow as the seat of government."

            A delegation from the American Student Union, the Civil Liberties League, the American League Against War and Fascism, and other organizations will visit Senator McNaboe's home Saturday to protest the bill. If the measure, which is now in committee, is reported favorably, a state-wide conference on the bill which will probably initiate upstate in Vassar will be called by the A.S.U.

            A district convention to elect a permanent city committee will be held early in March. Bob Bloom of the district committee will call a conference of all school editors and business managers interested in the A S U. to plan a city A.S.U. newspaper, to raise funds for the New York District. A dance under the auspices of the N.Y.U. evening chapter will be held in the Green Room of the East Building, Washington Square College, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Admission is twenty-five cents.

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