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February 7, 1936, Page 2


            One year ago a certain Mr. Joseph D. Nunan introduced a bill into the State Senate prescribing that all students in universities, colleges, and normal schools take an oath of allegiance to the fed eral and state constitutions.

            Immediately after the introduction of this Loyalty Oath Bill students banded together to protest against a measure which aimed to destroy academic freedom by excluding radical students from the colleges.

            Now a bill with the same ultimate purpose–the destruction of freedom of expression–has been introduced by Senator John J. McNaboe. The bill asks for a legislative investigation of acts of Communists in the schools and colleges of the State, and calls attention to "un-American activities and subversive campaigns" on the part of student and faculty members. It would apparently brand as radical every student movement against war and compulsory military training, and condemn as Communist all opposition to fascism. It would set up a bureau to investigate these "subversive activities" and frighten the students into submission.

            Last year conservatives, independents, liberals, and radicals banded together and secured the defeat of the reactionary Nunan Bill. They realized that it was but the first step in a program of suppression.

            Now, again, students are being called to fight against an oppressive measure. It is absolutely essential for committees to be organized in all colleges to communicate with local legislators and to send letters and telegrams to the Senators and Assemblymen.

            The students have been victorious in the past but their work is still not completed. They must keep fighting to maintain the freedom they have won.


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