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February 7, 1936, Page 3

ASU Publishes
New Magazine,
The "Advocate"

The Publication Is To Serve As
      The Organ Of Those Inter-
            ested In Social Action

            The first issue of T'he Student Advocate, monthly 32 page publication of the American Student Union, appeared Wednesday. The purpose of the Advocate is to serve "as the organ of those thousands who are boldly entering the arena of social action." It is the "chronicle" of the A.S.U.

            The magazine, which is edited by James A. Wechsler, former editor of the Columbia Spectator and author of Revolt on the Campus, features an interview by Joseph P. Lash with Senator Gerald P. Nye on the Morgan investigation. Other contributions include Athletes Aren't So Dumb, Academic Napoleons, Onward Christian Students, Guns Over Ohio, and Gagging the High Schools.

            Joseph P Lash, national executive secretary of the A.S.U., told a Spotlight reporter of the growth of sentiment for the Union on the American campus. "Students have placed their trust in the A.S.U.," he said, "because they realize that its program is not dictated by any political party, but by the actual needs of the students." He declared that they recognize the integrity and independence of the A S.U. as compared to such organizations as the N.S P.F.A. and compared the former to a trade union and the latter to a company union.

            Although the examination period and the inter-term vacation have slowed organization on many campuses, Mr. Lash pointed out that the outlook was promising, At Vassar, where there were formerly fifty N.S.L. and S.L.I.D, members, there are now 234 A.S.U. member.s At the University of Chicago, where there were seventy members of the old organizations, there are one hundred fifty members of the A.S.U.

            An advisory council for the A.S.U. has been established. It includes such prominent persons ae Robert Morris Lovitt, Norman Thomas, Mary Fox of the League of Industrial Democracy, Professor George S Counts of Teachers College


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