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January 10, 1936, Pages 1, 3

NSFA Opposes War
On Foreign Ground

            A resolution urging American youth to refuse to bear arms outside the United States was adopted by the National Student Federation at their convention of delegates from one hundred sixty American colleges and universities. The motion, offered by Columbia University delegates, was passed by a vote of forty-nine to thirteen. The Federation also advocated entrance into the League of Nations, with the reservation that participation be "to the point. where military action is reached,. in which point the United Stales with-draw ."

            The delegates pledged support of the present Neutrality Act, and urged participation in the Olympic Games at Berlin. They advocated broadening of the National Youth Administration's activities, and declared themselves willing to cooperate with the American Student Union.

            Arthur Northwood Jr. of Princeton was elected president of the Federation. Mar-

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garet R. Taylor, University of Arizona, was reelected vice-president and Harper Barnes, University of North Carolina, was chosen treasurer. The 1936 convention will be held in Dallas. Although Brooklyn College is a member of the National Student Federation of America, Student Council did not send a delegate to the convention because of the large expense it would incur.


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