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January 10, 1936, Page 5

History Club Hears
Dr. Herbert Morais
On Italian Crisis

War Was Imperative Because of
      Political and Imperialist
            Conditions, He Claims

            "Mussolini has embarked on the Ethiopian adventure to wage a short, victorious war which will enhance Italy's prestige and divert the attention of the Italian from the growing economic crisis," declared Dr Herbert Morais of the History Department to the History chub, Wednesday.

            He explained that although patriotic fervour had made this war possible, imperialist and political conditions had made it imperative.

            "It costs Italy about two million dollars a day to run the war;" said the speaker, discussing Italy's chances of victory. "Italy has only enough money to light one or two years, while military experts estimate that the war will last from two to four years.

            Explaining causes of the war, Dr. Morais quoted statistics showing that under fascism wages have been reduced forty per cent. and taxes increased twofold, spreading discontent among every class in Italy.

            "Geography is working overtime against Italy," he added, citing transportation and climatic conditions in Ethiopia as disadvantages to Italian advance.

            Dr. Morais pointed out that the longer the war continues, the harder, the further inland; the more difficult will he the line of communication.

            "Italy says she wishes to erase a blot from the League of Nations--the prevalence of slavery. But cynics remark that in freeing the slaves, Mussolini will incidentally enslave the Ethiopians," he concluded.


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