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January 10, 1936, Page 6

Margaret Schlauch
Lectures To Group
On Nazi Aran Myth

Union Against Reaction Hears
Sherwood Eddy, Economist
Discuss War Situation

            Margaret F. Schlauch, writer and professor of English at New York University. addressed the Union Against Reaction last night at the Court Street lunchroom on "Political Implications of the Aryan Myth." Mr. John Ackley, Recorder of City College and president of the Anti-Fascist Association, reported on the Congress against War and Fascism sponsored by the American League against War and Fascism, held in Cleveland last week.

            Sherwood Eddy, well-known journalist and economist, discussed the War situation at the last meeting of the Union, December 19. Mr. Eddy declared that Germany, Italy, and Japan were the three danger spots in Europe today and that the greatest menace facing all peoples is fascism. The Soviet Union, in spite of its limitations, remains the greatest hope for a new and free world, Mr. Eddy concluded.

Opposes R.O.T.C.

            At the meeting, the following resolutions were adopted: Whereas compulsory R.O.T.C. stands in opposition to the spirit and principles of the Union against Reaction, and whereas the Nye-Kvale amendments. provide that no R.O.T.C. unit shall be established or maintained in any school or college until such institution shall have satisfied the Secretary of War that enrollment in such units... is elective and not compulsory. be it resolved that the Union against Reaction support these amendments;

            Whereas the Anti-Fascist Association of the City College has been denied the use of the Great Hall for a proposed meeting on October 25, 1935, to protest the Italian Fascist invasion of Ethiopia, and whereas there are clear precedents for the use of the Great Hall to discuss such extra-collegiate affairs, be it resolved that the Union against Reaction condemn this refusal as a limitation of the freedom of assembly and speech, and petition the Board of Higher Education for a reversal of its decision.

            George Seldes, author of the currently popular "Sawdust Caesar," is expected to be present at a symposium at the February meeting.

            A petition requesting the withdrawal of American support from the Nazi Olympics is being circulated among members of the staff.

            The "U.A.R. Record," a monthly bulletin issued by the Union Against Reaction, will be out in the early part of February.

            The Union meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 in the Court Street lunchroom.


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