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January 10, 1936, Page ?

Promotions Request
Four New Election
For Teachers Group

Miss Elliot; Mr. McDermott, Mr.
  Negro, and Mr. Young Selected
      For New Positions

    The Association of Instructors, Tutors, and `Fellows held elections Wednesday to fill the vacancies caused by the promotion of instructors to assistant professorships. Mr. Charles J. McDermott of the English department is to become treasurer of the Association in place of Dr. Frank E. Smith of the Mathematics department. Miss Dorothy Elliot, clerical assistant in the department of Education, succeeds Dr. Howard, Selsam of the Philosophy department a sa [sic] member of the Executive committee; and Mr. Dante A. Negro of the Romance Language department will represent the association at Faculty' meetings in place of Dr. Frederick Ewen of the English department. As. an alternate representative, Mr. Murray Young of the English department will, succeed Dr. Bernard D. N. Grebanier of.the same department.

     The faculty was requested to reconsider the matter of personality, records, this term the staff has been requested to fill out personality charts for each student.

     A joint meeting of the three associations in the city colleges will be held Friday evening, January 17 at Hunter College to discuss action to be taken on the September 1 salary and promotion schedules which the associations claim are less advantageous to them than the previous schedules.

     The association will hold a luncheon meeting on Wednesday, February 19.


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