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January 11, 1935, Page 1

Urge Investigation
Of Hearst Actions

Representative Dickstein Says
  Committee Should Comply
       With Educators' Request

            The demands of Columbia University educators for the investigation of Mr. William Randolph Hearst's anti-Communist campaign should be complied with, believes Representative Samuel Dickstein, vice-chairman of the official House Nazi Inveatigating Committee, according to a recent article in the World-Telegram. Representative Dickstein said that this investigation will be the "duty" of the Committee if the new Congress prolongs its existence.

            If the committee is continued, it will investigate the charges of Matthew Woll, American Federation of Labor official, on Communist activities in American colleges.

            Mr. Dickstein introduced a bill for the creation of such a body to replace the temporary committee. He proposed that this committee consist of thirteen members, and be known as The Committee for the Preservation of American Democracy. It would investigate all charges of anti-American activities.

            In a letter to Police Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine, Mr. Dickstein asked that "no further permits be issued for these so-called parades by out-and-out reds." He declared that Communists have held demonstrations before his home, and that once, while he was out of the city, a crowd, after demonstrating before his house, tried to enter it.

            Referring to the fact that last year eighty permits to parade were granted to Communist organizations between February 15 and November, Representative Dickstein said, "In my opinion the obtaining of those permits is a blot on American history."


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