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January 4, 1935, Page 1


Educators Request Investigation
Of Hearst Terrorism By
Dickstein Committee

            The officers of the National Educational Association are planning a nationwide expose of the recent endeavours to terrorize college and school instructors by cries of "Communism" when any attempt is made to discuss social changes. The plans of the association were stimulated by an appeal by twenty educators at Columbia, New York University, and the Union Theological I School, to the McCormick-Dickstein committee on Un-American activities to examine the attempts of William Randolph Plea t to invoke a red scare though attacks on University professors.

Prominent Educators Appeal

            Charles Beard, former President of the American Historical Association, John Dewey, Professor Emeritus at Columbia, Honorary President of the National Educational Association, said in their appeal: "Recent occurrences at Syracuse University and Columbia University indicate that a campaign of terrorism against teachers in American colleges, universities, schools, and even private schools is getting under way. Such repressive effort is not only directly contrary to American democratic tradition but, if successful, would make it impossible for schools to do their proper work. In a time like this, we need every help in getting people to face the serious problems confronting us. Neither cure of depression nor furthering of the progressive measures of the National Administration can go forward without free discussion and inquiry in the universities and schools."

Interview Prof. Counts

            Commenting on these developments Doctor Counts stated, "If William Randolph Hearst continues in his efforts he will reduce American universities and schools to the ignominious condition of the German schools and universities under Hitler."

            Dr. Counts, Professor of Education at Teachers College, and Dr. William Kilpatrick, also of Teachers College, related in the appeal their interview with a Hearst reporter who had frankly informed them he was sent in the capacity of a red-baiter.

            Mr. Counts told the reporter who asked whether radicalism and communism were being examined at Teachers College, "Of course they are. Any college worthy of the name will provide an opportunity for thorough and objective examination of very important idea moving in the world. This is in keeping with university tradition. Universities must fight to preserve this tradition."

            Before the interview with Professor Counts, the reporter who claimed he wanted to enter a college where he could "get the real stuff about Capitalism, Socialism and Communism," inquired after real liberals, "not afraid to give the liberal side on subjects."

            A similar letter was sent to Professor John J. Washburne of Syracuse University and stories followed in the Syracuse Journal on alleged "red teachings" in school.

            Fred L.Redifer, Executive Secretary of the Progressive Education Association, said he would urge the committee to examine the efforts of munition makers.

N. Y. American Article Charges
B. C. and L. I. U. Professors
With Red Activity

            The American Committee of the Kings County American Legion demands a congressional investigation of the charges that certain professors in Brooklyn College and Long Island University are spreading Communistic propaganda, according to an article in Sunday's New York American.

            The Legion charges that lectures in the Social Sciences are being given "by professors who concededly believe that every thing is wrong, so long as it is American."

            "The radical professors are further accused of preaching the doctrine that America is a land of opportunity 'for the politically favored only.' That all government officials, statesmen, elective officials are crooked politicians–that institutions of home, marriage, property rights, and the like, sacred to America, are "so much antiquated hokum."

            The American goes on to say, "Among students of Brooklyn College there is a general feeling that most of the student body is wholesomely conservative, with but a small percentage of radicals among them. Nevertheless, the students say, they are constantly being accused of Communistic activities by certain elements who misunderstand the situation."

            The United Benevolent and Patriotic Society of Jamaica, the article continued has authorized its president, George Cava to meet with officials of the Board of Education for the purpose of preventing communistic propaganda from poisoning the public school systems of Brooklyn and Queens. Cava claims that "hundreds o1 young radicals are preaching the doctrine of Russia to their fellow students under the direction of older Reds."

            The object of his first interview with William J. McAuliffe of the Board of Education will be the closing of school auditoriums to radical groups. These youngsters come from non-taxpaying families, he claims, and have no right to property supported by taxpayers.


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