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Editorial, January 4, 1935, Page 2

St. John's Disapproves

            It is lamentable that our neighbors at St. John's University object to free higher education. It is more to be deplored that they substantiate their disapprobation of free colleges by citing "un-American" uprisings in City College.

            College students all over the country have been persecuted so often for their interest in public affairs that the St. John's resolution could well be ignored as mere repetition.

            But it is unique that this latest voice in the lusty chorus of objection to student expression arises from a group of students, the very people who should be foremost in the ranks of the defenders of student rights.

            The St. John's students who passed the resolution condemning free higher education will find themselves shoulder to shoulder with the sensational yellow press, side by side with the reactionary forces that seek to infringe upon one of the rights guaranteed by the government the claim to defend: the right of free speech.

            Surely our neighbors at St. John's are in company unbefitting honor students.


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