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Letter, January 4, 1935, Page 2


To the Editor:

            We are releasing for publication Dr. Slochower's letter to the editors of the Who's Who of German scholars, in the hope that other American scholars will take the same step.

To the Editors of the
Dr. Gruyter Verlag
Genthine Strasse
Berlin, Germany


           "Thank you for the proofs of the Fifth Edition of the "Gelehrten-Kalender," in which you again mention my name and work."

            "The present edition of your "Who's Who" of German Scholars is unfortunately published under the aegis of Nazi-ism. As Hitlerism spells the death of the spirit of scientific scholarship I must request that my name be removed from this list."

            "The time will come when freedom of intellectual research, conducted for the common good, will be possible in Germany. I should then be happy and honored to be included once again in the "Gelehrten-Kalender." "

            "Sincerely yours,"

    "(signed) Harry Slochower"


December 24, 1934


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