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March 15, 1935, Pages 1, 3


Drs. Morais And Asch To Discuss
    Relation Of War To World
        Affairs, Education


Rabbi Harry Halpern, Gus Tyler
    And Edward Smith Will Talk
        At Symposium March 20

            Two Brooklyn College instructors and several members of the staff of Long Island University will speak at the Brooklyn Intercollegiate Conference against War and Racism on Friday, March 22.

            On Wednesday, March 20, a preliminary symnposium to the conference will be held in 0011, (the Women's gymnasium) from 12 to 2 p.m. Three speakers representing the communist, socialist, and liberal positions on war and fascism will be heard.. Rabbi Henry Halpern of the East Midwood Jewish Center will defend the pacifist position while August Tyler and Edward Smith will present the socialist and communist positions.

            Dean Tristam W. Metcalfe of Long Island University will address a group of delegates to the Brooklyn conference on Friday;. March 22, at 4:30 p.m. at Long Island University, 300 Pearl Street.

        At the opening session on Friday evening, a member of the Arrangements Committee in: the Conference will greet the delegates from Brooklyn College, Seth Low Junior College, and Long Island University. The delegates will then elect a Resolutions Committee and a Credentials Committee before breaking up into four groups to participate in seminars.

            The seminar subjects and their faculty and student leaders follow:

            War, Fascism and Labor–Dr. Theodore Bramdel, Long Island University, Student Leader, Abraham Weiss, Brooklyn College.

            War, Fascism and International Relations–Dr..Herbert M..Morais, Brooklyn College, Student Leader, Wolfgang Weber, Long Island University.

            War, Fascism, and Education–Dr. Solomon E. Asch, Brooklyn College, Student Leader, Joseph Cohen, Brooklyn College.

            Prevention of War–Mr. Forrest M. Keen, Long Island University, Student Leader, I.J. Selikoff, Seth Low College.

            Delegates to the conference are being chosen from Seth Low, Brooklyn and Long Island University as representatives of clubs, classrooms, and unorganized students. It is expected that over 400 delegates will attend the conference, according to Beatrice Gomberg, chairman of the Anti-War League. Brooklyn College delegates may register every day between 12 and 2 p.m. either in Student Council Room 69C, or at the desk near 407I.. A fee of ten cents is required from each delegate. Petitions for those who wish to get to twenty-five signatures and thus become delegates may also be secured at these desks.

           "It is certain that the national call for an anti-war strike on April 12 will be discussed at the Conference," said Beatrice Gomberg. To date, only the Students Christian Association has approved the strike. Many other groups are expected to support the walkout which will be modeled as last year's parade, More than 4,000 students protested against war last year in the demonstration by the same college.s that are participating in the Conference this year.

            The seminars will begin on Friday evening with addresses by the instructors from Brooklyn College and Long Island University.. Each Seminar will also have a student leader who will give a short introduction to the topic. If any time remains after these introductions, the delegates will begin discussion.

            On Saturday morning, March 23, at 10 a.m., the seminars will be resumed and resolutions will be introduced and voted on by each seminar. The secretary of each seminar will give a report to the Resolutions Committee which will meet from 12 to 2 p.m. This Committee will edit the resolutions, draw up a preamble. and present a report to the plenary session of the conference at 2 p.m. This will be the final session, and all resolutions will be voted on by the floor. New resolutions may be introduced.


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