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Letter, March 15, 1935, Page 2

Professor Protests

To the Editor:

            The following is the copy of a letter sent by me to the Intercollegiate Organization of America following the publication of its letter in the New York American of' March. The letter congratulates Mr.Hearst for his "wonderful and successful campaign against Communism in this country."

March 12, 1935            

Mr. Harold R. Moskovit, President,
The Intercollegiate Organization of America.
Clinton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dear Mr. Moskovit:

            "My attention has been called to an article appearing in the New York American of March 1935, concerning the work of the Intercollegiate Organization of America and a facsimile of a letter sent by you to that newspaper.

            "When I was asked whether I would permit my name to be used in connection with that organization. I was informed that its purpose was to band together a group of young people with Democratic leanings to foster a new spirit in the Democratic party and to work for the ousting of those debased politicians in the party's membership who had no knowledge of or appreciation for the tenets originally promulgated by Thomas Jefferson. With this end I was in sympathy, since I am a firm believer in the benefits to be derived from the active participation of young people in the affairs of any political party, and hence I was glad to affiliate myself with the organization and to become a director, together with such men as Judge Louis Goldstein, Judge Benjamin Marvin and Trustee Charles P. Barry of City College.

            "You can appreciate, therefore, my keen sense of surprise and indignation to learn that you, in a desire for cheap publicity, had gone on record in the support of the disgraceful campaign now being conducted by the Hearst newspapers, a campaign which is the direct and absolute antithesis of everything American, of every principle of free speech and discussion, and of every ideal which the people of this country have extolled since the days of the Revolution The Hearst newspapers, by their vicious campaign, are doing more to spread unrest and discontent in this country that the most intensive communist efforts could eves do.

            "Lest I he misunderstood, I wish to state very clearly that I am not a Communist and have always expended every effort to induce in my students a true appreciation of our form of government and of the nobility of the ideals and principles upon which it rests. Nevertheless, any attempt to curtail the freedom of discussion of those with whom we disagree and especially anypt attempt which employs an insidious tissue of lies to achieve that purpose, is so foreign to the American ideal that it must be fought as an evil far more worse than the doctrine which it seeks to destroy.

            "It is, moreover, becoming clear that under the guise of combating Communism, Hearst is attacking all liberal forces as well. It is the same approach pursued by Mussolini, Hitler and all the Fascists.

            "I marvel at your glib assertion that 240,000 students and graduates of the Organization are behind Mr. Hearst, and strongly doubt your authority for making such a statement. As. far as I personally am concerned. you no doubt realize that I was never consulted in any manner when your letter of February 25th was sent. I am forced to present my resignation as a director of the Organization and request that you immediately delete my name from its letterhead."


Yours very truly,                                
Louis A. Warsoff


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