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March 15, 1935, Page 5

Wisconsin Liberals
Probe College Reds

Madison, Wis.–Five of Wisconsin's famed liberal legislators have started on a ride through the state–and they have vowed to give a long "ride" to any reds that they may find in any of the state's schools.

            Authorized by the Badger senate to investigate recurrent rumors and charges of communistic affiliations and the teaching of atheism and agnosticism in educational institutions in the state, the democratic leader of the investigating committee claims that the purpose of the group is to clear if possible, rather than convict the schools of these charges.

            The hunt will lead across the University of Wisconsin campus and on to the several state teachers colleges. Even the School of Mines may demand a determination of whether or not the burrowing there is on the level or the boring has been from within.

            And, to top it all off, a member of the Wisconsin assembly has introduced a bill to require all Wisconsin school buses to be painted red, white and blue.


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