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Editorial, March 16, 1934, Page 2


       Three weeks ago, it was this paper's sincere belief that

"to be successful, anti-war demonstrations must not be considered a part of 'red' propaganda. We are, and always have been, against war–but we propose peaceful, intelligent protests rather than militant ideas."

       Recent developments have made it imperative for us to change our stand. The militant attitude of jingoistic agitators makes it necessary for us to advocate militance as the only effective weapon which college students can use to show that their stand against war is definite and complete.

        In spite of the fact that unsympathetic groups may choose to disregard the sincerity of student opinion, we maintain that the almost unanimous vote of support on the anti-war strike given by Student Council at its meeting on Tuesday proves that the student body is alive to the vital war issue.

       We ought to make it clear, that ours in not an isolated attitude. Virtually every college in the United States has signified its intention of participating in a nation-wide protest against war. Our columns last week contained an account from the "Smith College Weekly." Last week's issue of the New Rochelle Tatter" contains a letter which speaks for itself:


Dear Editor,

          People shake their heads and mutter, "It seems to be so unnecessary. And they were so young." At this very moment, however, war is brewing. Civilized men will actually debate whether or not war will be advisable. The best of the youth of our country will go. There will be bullets... poison gases... asphyxiation. There will be nine millions perhaps deliberately sent to tragedy. And they were only nine. It is so very unnecessary, is it not?

        Examples like these can be multiplied a hundred fold. Every college campus in the country is alive with anti-war feelings, feeling dictated by no other sentiment than honest disbelief in the efficacy of war.

        We want to make it clear that our attitude is not a result of 'red' propaganda. Our protest is an expression not of factional partisanship, but of sincere student opinion. In advocating the walkout on April 13 we ally ourselves wtih no isms whatever, our sole aim is to outlaw war.


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