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March 16, 1934, Page 1

Council To Support Anti-War Strike;
To Arrange Mass Meeting With L.I.U.

To Walk Out Of Classrooms
    On Friday, April 13,
        At 11 O'clock

            The general, militant demonstration to be held on Friday, April 13 as an anti-war protest will have the complete support of Student Council according to a motion passed almost unanimously by that body at a special meeting held Tuesday evening.

            On April 13, the last day of National Defense Week, all members of the student and faculty corps who are opposed to war as a means of settling international disputes will quietly walk out of their third hour classes at eleven o'clock, assemble under competent leaders and march to the Long island University Campus. There the massed Brooklyn College students and the assembled and cooperating Long Island University student body and faculty will he addressed on the war problem by prominent speakers.

            Brooklyn College students will return in time for their fourth hour classes. According to statements made at the Council meeting, this demonstration is not an isolated movement since colleges all over the United States have decided that the week beginning April 6 will be devoted to organired, orderly activities directed against The motion for Council support of the movement was opposed by only one dissenting vote, by Phoebe Dare, Council Representative of the upper senior class.

            Selma Mushkin, chairman of Junior-Freshman Committee, proposed that a committee, to consist of two members from each of the eight classes, one a Council member and one a non-Council member, be formed to coordinate the general "walk out." Sylvia Wence, representative for the lower junior class, was unanimously chosen to head this committee.


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