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March 1, 1935, Pages 1, 3

Anti-War Club Calls
Second Conference
On War and Fascism

Six Schools Invited To Take
      Part in Intercollegiate
            Parley at LIU


To Elect Delegates From Class-
      Rooms, Clubs, & By Petition;
            To Meet March 22, 2

            The Anti-war League has formulated plans for a Brooklyn Intercollegiate Conference against War and Fascism to be held on Friday, March 22, and Saturday, March 23 at Long Island University.

      On March 20 a symposium will be held in one of the gymnasiums from twelve to two o'clock. Norman Thomas, Clarence Hathaway, Communist, and Reverend Norman Resisig have been invited.

            The F:iday evening session will begin at 8 p.m. and will consist of seminars to be led by instructors and students of the participating schools. The schools that have bean invited to participate are Seth Low Junior College, St. John's, Brooklyn Law, Polytechnic Institute, Long Island University, and Brooklyn Technical High School.

            The Saturday morning session will begin at l0 a.m. and will be a continuation of the seminars.. Resolutions will be made and, noted on at the seminars. Those accepted at the seminar will be elected on Friday night from each seminar.

            The discussion at the seminal s will be on War, Fascism, and Education, War, Fascism, and Labor, War, Fascism, and International Relations, and The Prevention of War.

      The Faculty Committee on Student Affairs has approved the following methods of electing delegates to the Conference. One delegate may be sent from each classroom, one delegate front each club, and one delegate for every twenty-five signatures, ac

NOTE: This article is continued on page 3; however, page 3 was not microfilmed.


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