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March 1, 1935, Page 3


To Give Decision Wednesday;
      12 Others Will Be Tried
            On Tuesday

            The decision concerning the nine Brooklyn College students who were arrested on the charge of disorderly conduct when they were picketing Dean's Cafeteria on February 13 will be handed down by Judge John D. Mason of the Adolescents' Court Wednesday, March 6, at two o'clock.

            Seven girls arrested on a similar charge have already been acquitted by Magistrate Thomas F. Casey in the Sixth District Court. Twelve other girls arrested since that date for picketing will be tried in the same court Tuesday.

            Among the witnesses appearing at the trial last Wednesday was Dean Mario L. Cosenza, who was subpoenaed by the court. He testified that the National Student College group, and that the Men's Student League had never requested a charter as a Council had voted against support of the student picketing.

            Samuel Puner, the defense attorney, claimed that discussions of the history of the strike and the activities of the League which were brought up, were irrelevant to the case at hand.

            At an open-air meeting called by the Student National League, Joseph Cohen said that the students were tried as members of the N.S.L. and not for disorderly conduct.


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